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Were You Retaliated Against For Requesting Accommodation?

You may have spent months or years recovering and going through therapy so you could get back to your life. So, it can be particularly disheartening to have your hard work not only ignored but also actively resisted.

Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), all employers must honor legitimate requests for disability accommodation. If your request for accommodation was ignored — or worse, if you were demoted, transferred, or even fired for making the request — do not let it slide. You have rights to fight wrongful termination and retaliation. We will help you protect them.

Your Legitimate Request Is In Fact Protected By Law

The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan in Rancho Bernardo represents employees throughout the San Diego and Escondido areas who have suffered workplace retaliation for a variety of so-called “offenses,” which in reality are not offenses at all. Our attorneys and staff will help you file an employment claim through the appropriate state and federal channels.

We represent employees who have been fired or otherwise retaliated against for:

  • Reporting supervisors or co-workers for discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin or sexual orientation
  • Requesting disability accommodation under the ADA, which includes accommodations for conditions that are not physically apparent, like anxiety
  • Reporting sexual harassment or actions by coworkers who create a hostile work environment
  • Requesting time off for state- or federally protected leave under the California Family Rights Act or Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim for work-related injuries or illness
  • Announcing a pregnancy or simply being visibly pregnant
  • Reporting financial fraud or OSHA violations

As a former deputy prosecutor and experienced workers’ rights lawyer, Samuel Dagan is no stranger to the courtroom. He and his team will advocate for your rights through every step of the process, up to and including trial representation.

Protecting Your Workplace Rights

If you suspect your hours were cut or you were let go due to reporting workplace violations or making a legally protected request, we can help you protect your employee rights. Contact The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan at 858-487-6500 today to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.

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