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Over 20 Years Of Experience/Former Prosecuting Deputy District Attorney

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About Our Attorneys And Firm

The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan, based in Rancho Bernardo, California, is a firm built on a strong commitment to sincere client service and a proven ability to obtain favorable results. The firm features two full-time lawyers, two of-counsel attorneys and a knowledgeable, friendly support staff.

Kelly Haynes, Esq. Associate

Lisa Dale, Esq. Of Counsel

Attorney Samuel Dagan began his legal career as an assistant district attorney in 1998. Subsequently, he worked for a large firm where he gained invaluable experience representing some of the world’s largest companies in complex litigated matters that included workers’ compensation defense and toxic tort defense. Prompted by a desire to represent individuals in need of assistance, Mr. Dagan founded his own law firm in 2004. In addition to representing clients from all walks of life, he is active as a teacher of other attorneys and active as a participant in his community.

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