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The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan, based in Rancho Bernardo, California, is a firm built on a strong commitment to sincere client service and a proven ability to obtain favorable results. The firm features two full-time lawyers, two of-counsel attorneys and knowledgeable, friendly support staff.

Attorney Samuel Dagan

Sam cares strongly about his clients. “If you do not care about your clients, the insurance adjusters can tell, the judges can tell, and the jurors can absolutely tell. Because I care about my clients, my work product is excellent. The other side knows that I will not back down, and it allows me to get superior results for my clients. When I walk into a case conference or trial, I make sure I know the facts better than the other side, and I know the law better than the other side.”

Sam has a deep level of experience taking on the most challenging cases when a client needs it the most. “I do not believe in cherry-picking boring cases. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than surprising my clients with superior unexpected results. Sometimes its about getting authorization for a badly needed surgery. Sometimes it is about getting a jury award that is over thirty times the medical costs. Sometimes its just being there to listen to the client and getting them through a hard time.” Sam worked as prosecuting criminal trial attorney whose cases have been written about in the Associated Press at the national level. His opening trial statements have been aired on the nightly news. One of Sam’s cases was the topic of a national Coccidioidomycosis (deadly mold spore infection) conference held in Phoenix Arizona. Sacramento law makers once asked Sam how to change the laws in order to save the workers compensation system. Sam’s advise and changes were written into the law. Those changes directly resulted in billions of dollars of medical care being administered to injured workers across California.

“Although I love to take on difficult cases, my philosophy is simple. I call it the four Ps.
Professionalism plus Preparedness, plus Passion equals Positive results.”
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what it is like to have an attorney who truly cares about you represent you in a case, call us and
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Andrea Castro, J.D. OF Counsel
Lisa Dagan, M.S. Forensic Science

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