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What information is important for workers’ compensation claim?

Injuries are common in California and most people suffer injuries throughout their lives. These injuries can certainly vary in severity, but all injuries affect people’s lives in some way. Injuries can also take place in many different ways and in many different circumstances. This includes the workplace. Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but injuries can occur in almost any workplace setting.

Some injuries that occur in the workplace can be very severe as well, requiring significant medical treatment and force people to stop doing many activities including being able to work. If people are unable to work, it can create many more complications beyond the physical ones as people may not be able to pay for their monthly obligations. People injured at work may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits though, which can help with the financial difficulties that can occur after a workplace injury.

There is a process to obtaining these benefits though and sometimes the initial claim is denied or complications can arise during the process. So, to help ensure that people receive the benefits they deserve, it is important to keep track of certain information. People should keep the following information at a minimum.

  • Keep all medical records and keep track on the medical conditions that people experience throughout the process. Also, keep records for all payments made for prescriptions and medical equipment;
  • Keep notes of all discussions that people have with employers, claims administrators, medical professionals, co-workers and anyone else involved in the process;
  • Request and ensure that people receive all documentation from the claims administrator, including all medical records that they have in their records;
  • Keep paystubs and other documentation regarding income prior to the injury because the amount of the workers’ compensation benefits is based on the amount people were earing at and before the time of the injury;
  • Any other information relevant to the claim.

This information is very important to a workers’ compensation claim in California and could help people receive workers’ compensation benefits even if the initial claim is denied. After a denial there is a process to appeal the decision and it can involve a trial in front of a judge. Evidence like the information stated above will be presented, so it is important to have the most complete evidence. Workplace injuries occur to many people and experienced attorneys understand that workers’ compensation benefits are important. They could be a useful resource.

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