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3 tips to avoid motorcycle versus car crashes on your drive

As someone who loves to ride a motorcycle, it’s important that you know how to avoid crashes with others. Other drivers may not always see you or might not realize how fast you’re approaching. Drivers might pull out in front of you in traffic and cut off your path, or they may get too close and make any movements dangerous.

Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you avoid motorcycle crashes while riding, even though other drivers may be unsafe. Here are three.

  1. Get loud

One good tip to help others see and hear you coming is to make yourself louder. Take your motorcycle to the shop to discuss possible ways of making it louder through mechanical means, but also don’t be afraid to honk or use a horn to get others’ attention.

  1. Wear bright colors when you ride

Another important tip is to wear bright, light colors and appropriate motorcycle gear when you ride. Greens, grays, blacks and other more natural colors tend not to stand out against the road or during a storm. Instead, opt for bright, fluorescent colors like hot pink, bright orange and yellow, so that other drivers can see you very easily.

  1. Drive on the defensive

When you drive, be on the defensive. Know that others may make mistakes and plan for them. If you see a driver approaching an intersection quickly, don’t assume that they’ll stop. If there is one coming out of a driveway, make eye contact or take steps to alert them to your presence, even if they may have seen you. Taking just a few seconds to respond to possible hazards could prevent mistakes from being made and help you get to your destination safely.

If you’re hit, know your rights

If someone does pull out and hit you, know your rights. Don’t be afraid to seek medical attention or ask for their insurance information. As a victim of a collision, you deserve the right care and attention, so that you can recover. You also have a right to look into seeking compensation from those responsible.

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