Rancho Bernardo Personal Injury And Workers' Compensation Attorneys

If you are facing a legal matter that concerns your well-being and the interests of your family, you may be overwhelmed and confused by all the choices and variables you must consider. We understand the complexity that legal matters can present. We are here to make things easier for you.

At The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan, based in Rancho Bernardo, California, our attorneys concentrate on personal injury cases, workers' compensation claims, "crossover cases" involving third parties in work injury matters, and discreet, effective legal representation for professional athletes.

Real Relationships, Real Results

At The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan, we believe in the importance of relationships, especially when it comes to working with our clients and their families. Good relationships are their own reward, but we also focus strongly on results. Our practice is known for several important characteristics:

  • We are collaborative and easy to work with. As a team of attorneys and staff, we work well with one another. We also partner closely with our clients to develop effective strategies and forge solutions that work. We are known for being methodical, organized and easy to work with.
  • We take care of our clients. As your attorneys, we will make sure your needs are met. Whether you need good advice or good medical care — or justice — we will do our best to help you reach your goals.
  • We communicate. As your law firm, we will listen to your concerns and hear your story in its entirety. We will make sure you understand your legal rights and your options for resolving your case. We will answer your questions as they arise and keep you informed of important developments in your case. We will remain accessible throughout the duration of your case. We will return your phone calls.
  • We are strong in dealing with the opposition. We are reasonable and compassionate, but we are forceful with those who attempt to take advantage of our clients. We have extensive experience with complex trials, and we can use that experience to champion your cause. We thoroughly prepare for every case we handle.

Don't Be Afraid To Protect Your Rights

If you and your family are struggling to recover from an accident or a work injury, you shouldn't apologize for wanting to protect your rights and take care of your loved ones. Insurance companies that handle personal injury and workers' compensation claims are in the business of denying, minimizing and delaying payment and benefits — they have plenty of lawyers to help them. We are in the business of protecting the people we represent.

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