Representation For Professional Athletes

The general public and the media can view professional athletes with a strange mixture of admiration, disdain, entitlement and high expectation. For athletes, it can be incredibly challenging to live life under public scrutiny. One bad experience can bring unwanted criticism. One injury can end a career. One news story can have a negative impact on an athlete and his or her family.

Pro athletes are subject to unique forces and stresses that other men and women in the workforce do not have to face. For this reason, it is essential to have the assistance of an experienced attorney when a work-related injury, a criminal matter or another legal problem emerges.

Protecting Your Career And Reputation With Discreet Legal Services

At The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan, based in North County, we provide a range of legal services to athletes looking to protect their careers and their reputations. We can assist you and your family regarding:

  • Occupational injuries and workers' compensation claims: As a firm that concentrates on helping injured people and their families, we understand all types of occupational injuries that can present the need for fair compensation from an employer. We understand the implications of an orthopedic injury (to the knees, hips, back or other body parts), a head injury, soft tissue damage, a neurological condition or a mental health disorder for a football or baseball player, a jockey, an auto racer, a soccer player or another individual who is required to perform at a high level at all times.
  • Criminal charges and arrests: As a former prosecutor, I am highly familiar with how the criminal justice system works. I understand that athletes can actually be treated more harshly than other people in order to make an example of them. We can help you obtain fair treatment if you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, assault or any other offense.

San Diego lawyer Samuel Dagan has represented and advised numerous athletes and their families, including players and former players from the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB), as well as the children of sports professionals.

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Contact The Law Offices of Samuel Dagan to learn more about legal representation for pro athletes in Southern California. One of our lawyers can answer your questions confidentially and address your legal needs.